I am a writer of short story, fiction, poetry, journal entry, opinion pieces, novel-text rants, cover letters, and over the years, many friends’ college essays. This whole addiction to writing down my thoughts comes from my experience with emotions that some may label as overactive. I am a highly sensitive person, which really just means that all of the horrible shit happening in the world is not easily swept under a rug for me, and even if it was, I don’t have a rug, I can’t afford one. Instead of internalizing all of the injustice I see, the arguments I eavesdrop in, and the fictional worlds I create, I avoid a BOOM style massacre of my emotions and stress that my constantly stimulated imagination would surely bring by writing them all down.

The little version of myself wrote with a Rugrats pencil in a plain green journal which I later burned in case anyone decided to rifle through my crushes or various second grade gossip. I started a new journal which was labeled “Journal” and was given to me for my eleventh birthday; I do not remember who by, but I am sorry to tell whoever gave it to me that I wrote about three entries before deciding that it’s vibe was not right and I threw it in the trash. Over time, I wrote in and burned, shredded, dumped, hid, and ripped apart various journals (and deleted a couple of blogs) because something more powerful than my love for writing took over, fear.

Without getting too personal, I will say that I  have learned this fear of what criticism may bring is no longer strong enough to stop me. At some point, I woke up one day from another weird dream and realized, “Holy shit, I am this living breathing thing that is depending on my heart pumping and I could die at any moment.” This blog is a combination of me seizing the day, developing my craft, and most likely keeping up with how events around the world affect all of us dancing on the balance beam of surviving and finding meaning in life.

Also, here are some fun facts that will help paint a deeper picture into any opinion pieces:

Born in Springfield, Massachusetts but was raised in Augusta, Georgia, and now I live in Baltimore, Maryland.

Queer as fuck.

My first childhood pet was a black cat named Kaluha, after the alcoholic beverage, and my current pet is a black dog named Remy, after “Remy boyz – they know us.”

First born with one younger sister but will definitely be the last to score a salary job. (update: I WAS RIGHT)

Was a vegetarian for eight years, a hard-core vegan for one of those years but after two trips to the E.R. (because I was too poor to do it right), I integrated meat back in my diet and feel MUCH better even though I cry every once in a while about it.

Was my high school drum line captain and recently started a drum line for the lovely children at the school where I tutor literacy.

Broke my left elbow once.

Have four years of restaurant experience but never applied to work in a 3 or 4 star restaurant because I just know everyone there will take it way too seriously.

On more than one occasion have cut my own hair with about a five minute predecessor of thought and a half watched instructional youtube video.