My Spine Slopes

Spine slopes

pick up, pick up, pick up!

There is pain when I bend it. Why?

You know why.

The music that made your skin stretch because it was so damn loud that something had to.

Marks in your ears –

because you punish them for daring to be the kind that make people say, “Why are your ears like that? Are you an elf or something?”

Stand still.

Or maybe-

bounce, bounce, bounce, SWOOSH!

I am making love happen and why have I never tried dancing and writing?!

Oh I remember. The becauses.

Remember the becauses. The reassurances for normal.

There is this, so then, there is that, and that is okay.


It feels so good to spin so fast that your becauses can’t find a steady place to stand on my question mark back.

My spine slopes. My ears point. My skin stretches.

And I am laughing in my own world because you don’t even get it!






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